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03 May, 2011

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The Homeplace: Photos from Historic African American Hamlets
Sarah Hoskins is a documentary photographer. Her eleven year project The Homeplace: photographs from historic African American Hamlets in Kentucky’s Inner Bluegrass Region was recently featured on NPR's Weekend Edition as well as NPR's Picture Show.

From Sarah: Eleven years ago I stood with a map in hand. I didn’t know a soul. Now eleven years later I know everyone on that lane and those who have passed away.

Hopes and Dreams
With support from donations on I hope to be able to edit and print some of the over 50,000 images I have taken. To record more stories from the residents and follow up on their invitations... To be able to produce a book including their stories both oral and written. To show what I have found here in the Homeplaces, kindness, strength, warmth, tradition, culture and love. Thank you.